The Swang Part 1

The Swang Part 1

Swang is the other 90% of Golf for us mere mortals playing golf! Getting you comfortable with The Swang part of the game is much of what I want for you!

You will likely work on The Swing for the rest of your life – most golfers always want that part of their game to get better.

But, if you get comfortable early with this other part of the Game, you will find great fun in Golf early. And with this fun, coupled with a bit of Swing improvement along the way, you too can enjoy the Game as much as I have.

Before you take a lesson, before you shop for equipment, and certainly before you play your 1st round of golf learn at least a little Swang! Below are the steps I urge you to follow; each link provides a short document that you can quickly read:

Learn Part 1 of Swang:

Rules and Etiquette
The Golf Course
Your Golf Clubs
Your Golf Ball
Golf Shots
Have Fun!

When you’ve learned the above, get started on The Swing Part 1.