The Swing Part 3

The Swing Part 3

Hopefully you’ve gotten a bit more comfortable with some golf terms in The Swang Parts 1, 2, and 3 and then used those terms as you were introduced to The Swing Parts 1 and 2.

Ready to learn more? Below is the path – in this sequence – that I recommend. Let’s get you back with a club in your hand! Be sure to follow through with the Drills!

Learn more about:

Grip (part c) (under construction)
Stance (under construction)
Wrist Control (under construction)
Half Swing (under construction)
Full Swing Drive (under construction)
Pitch (under construction)

How about some practice?

At Home: Putting Square and Solid
At Home: Alignment Drill
At Home: Inside Take Away Drill
At Range: 3:00 Squash Pop
At Range: 2:00 Inside Out Pop