The Swang Part 3

The Swang Part 3

Hopefully you have read, and practiced, from the earlier material on both The Swang and The Swing, and you’ve already gotten a bit comfortable in the Game. Let’s move forward!

In Part 3 of The Swang, go through the below in sequence:

More about Golf Etiquette:

Awareness (under construction)
Honesty (under construction)
Attitude (under construction)

More comfort with terms and situations:

Golf Course (under construction)
Golf Clubs (under construction)
Golf Balls (under construction)
Golf Shots (under construction)
Have fun! (under construction)

Tips for you first round:

Preparing to Play (under construction)
On Course – Adults (under construction)
On Course – Juniors(under construction)
Ready Golf (under construction)
Ready Golf for Walkers
(under construction)

Ready Golf for Cart Riders
(under construction)

And let’s not forget about Rules!
Here are a few “unofficial rules” you might want to know about:

Improve Your Lie (under construction)
Max Score (under construction)
Scramble (under construction)
Bingle Bangle Bungle (under construction)

Plus a few more tips:

Inclement Weather (under construction)
Locations / Courses (under construction)

When you’ve reviewed the above, you are ready for The Swing Part 3 (under construction)!