About Me

About Me


My dad loved the Game. He started me on my golf path when I was 5. Later in life I learned that a distant relative (John B. Upham, my 5th cousin once removed) played in the first ever documented round of golf in America.

I love the Game. I want more people to learn golf the right way. I want to help you get comfortable in and around the Game.

I’ve learned from years of experience that golf is a game of opposites (like the Chinese concept of yin and yang). Opposing forces complement each other to make golf the great game that it is. Swinging hard does not always provide distance. The best swing may not be what you need to be successful in your golf goals. The rules of golf can be both bad and good. Let’s work together to make you and golf complementary.

I’ve played and enjoyed golf all my life. I want you to get out of golf all the game has provided me. I had good teachers early. I’ve had the thrills of winning competitively. I’ve enjoyed the the relationships built playing with friends and business leaders. I still play the sport as I grow older.

I’ve had four great teachers in my life. The first, my dad Dick Upham, taught me to love the game. The second, the old Riverlake Country Club golf pro Joe Dreisbach, showed me patience and gave many of us juniors our opportunities to practice and play. The third, David “Spec” Goldman taught me to respect the Game and its Rules with proper Etiquette. The fourth, a dear friend of the family Wilkie Eaton, gave me confidence when I seemed to forget to love and respect the Game. Golf is truly a great game! I love it, and want you too as well!