Swing Swang Golf

Swing Swang Golf


The Swing

I teach the fundamentals of the swing. You’ll get comfortable with the stance, the grip, alignment, backswing, etc. But without complicating your learning.

If you want to get into the game quickly, comfortably, and inexpensively – give me a try!


The Swang

This is my term for all the things in golf NOT involving the swing. Of the time spent on a golf course, 10% is SWING, and 90% is SWANG.

I’ll provide insights into everything SWANG related, where most of your golf time is spent. For the vast numbers of golfers, the SWANG is more important than the SWING!


Your Next Outing

Will this be your first official golf outing? Will it just be another round with the gang? Will you be competing with others?

No matter why you want to play, I can help. I can even help set up your first official event!